How everything started …


I work as head of staff development at Mainz university. For my work, I had to draw flip charts for project meetings for example. One day, I joined a course and learned about Bikablo. I used every chance I had to be creative and to give courses myself.

At one day, I talked to friend who did Sketchnotes. I was thrilled and looked for examples. I got inspired by a few people who came up with their own designs. I followed them on instragram.

Drawing and Softball

I also love to find inspiration on Pinterest. There, I looked for memes and I found one that referred to Softball (which I love to play). And it was the moment when I connected my love for drawing and Softball, when it all came together.

My idea for a drawing was this Softball Problem:

CJR and turquoise butterfly

All my Softball Problems drawings have the initials CJR and a turquoise butterfly.

CJR stands for Ciarra Joi Rhodes, a 13 year old girl who died by suicide. Her parents are friends and softball colleagues. They started a CJR Memorial tourney we host every last weekend in May. All money we raise that weekend goes to Suicide Prevention. You find more information on: and on our Facebook Page.

Ciarras mom, Martina, passed away 3 years later by a mysterious brain illness. The doctors couldn’t help her. I personally think her body couldn’t deal with the loss of her daughter.

I miss Martina very much and every Softball Problems drawing is a way for me to deal with the grief I feel about her death. So the turquoise butterfly is her symbol. We both love this color. You can also find me on instragram.

My softball community loves the drawings and encourages me to keep going and want me to publish a book. Well, maybe one day … if I do it, all money will go to the charity. We will see what happens.

So I used my blog and created this page to publish my drawings.

And this is how it all started …